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We organize one day, or half-day hiking & walking tours to the Czech countryside. Our Tours start in UNESCO biosphere reserve areas just 30 minutes from Prague. You can choose Your Tour here...

We focus on Self-Guided Tours where You go hiking or walking by yourself (without a guide, and without a group of other tourists), based on our GPS navigation, Tour Map, and Points of Interest brochure. We will transfer You to start point of Your tour, and then back to Prague. Read more about Self-Guided hiking here...

We also offer all the tours as guided tours, so should you prefer this option, please feel free to book your tour with us as well.

"hiking at Your terms with Our Inspiration and Support"

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Hiking Tours from Prague

1/2 Day and Full Day Tours from Prague. Get the best of Czechia's nature and history. All just 30 min from Prague. Scenic views, old castles, romantic ruins, and perfect hiking or walking guaranteed.

Top Rated Tours

Czech castle Karlstejn picture from the hiking trail nearby
Karlstejn Castle & quarries Amerika
1/2 Day or Full Day

Enjoy the visit of Czechia's most famous castle, roam along romantic quarries nearby and...

sunset in a small Czech village Saint John Under the Cliff with snow around
St.John Under the Cliff & Bohemian Karst
1/2 Day or Full Day

Pitoresque church and monastery under the rock, awesome views, and natural preserve area...

front of the castle Krivoklat located in the Czech Republic
Krivoklat Castle & Krivoklatsko
1/2 Day or Full Day

You will visit the Krivoklat castle, and its awesome neighbourhood. After visit of the castle, hike or walk the trail, and...

ruins of the Tyrov castle in central Czechia
Heart of Krivoklatsko & Tyrov ruins
Full Day

Going to the heart of Krivoklatsko preserved natural area. You will enjoy hiking through deep canyons, and vast forests where Czech kings used to hunt...

If you have not found a tour you like, or you just want to get transfer from Prague to some place in Krivoklatsko, or Bohemian Karst, please let us know, we will be happy to help you.

Self-Guided Hiking

We replaced the guide with the GPS and the customized MAP.


You choose a tour from our offer, or we will custom create a tour for you according to your preferences. At the agreed date/time we will pick you at your hotel, or address in Prague, and will transfer you to the start of your tour. We provide you with a GPS device (which you later return to us), and a complimentary map. You will enjoy your hike, and from the end point of your tour we will transfer you back to Prague.

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We will transfer you from Prague to the start of your Tour, and then back.

No worries, how to get there, and back, which train or bus to take, or where rent a car, where park it safely, etc...

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We will lend you a GPS device with the loaded trail of your trip. This super-sensitive device will reliably navigate you even on deep forest paths.

You will also get our complimentary hiking map, and an infopack with details about the area.

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You will enjoy independency, yet knowing support and help is ready if, and when you need it.

You will get a phone number to call, in case of need, or just if you want to consult your trail. We will always support you.



Please refer to questions and answers below to clarify any concerns. If you do not find an answer, kindly please let us know. Someone else will also have similar question.

Of course, the earlier the better. Best is before you even arrive to Prague. But we are quite flexible, so it may be that we can still arrange something for the next day. Just let us know!

Yes, we are 365/24/7 service. Even winter trips are beautiful.

Yes! We will, just let us know, we will help you to select an option according to your preferences.

It is up to you, just is there more than three of you, please let us know in advance so we arrange for a big enough car for the transport.

The fee for your hiking trip is agreed in advance, and it depends mainly on where you want to go. We will tell you the price upfront, so you have time to decide.

The fee is paid in cash at the departure for your hiking trip. You will get a receipt slip.

No, unfortunately at the moment only cash is accepted. We accept payments in Czech koruna, Euro, British Pound, or US Dollar. Actual Czech National Bank rate applies.

No, what we agree upon, that stands. You wish to be out at 4am to catch sunrise, we will arrange for that. Not a problem for us.

The preferred communication language is English. Other requirements need to be agreed in advance.

Yes, of course. Just please tell us when selecting the trip. The guide speaks fluent English.

Generally yes, there are no dangerous, or poisonous animals or insects out there. The Czechia is deemed to be very safe country, just a normal caution to avoid injury is needed.

No, there are no special requirements. During spring, summer and autumn it is recommended to apply a standard repellent.

For emergency situations we will provide you with phone numbers for Medical, or any other help. General emergency number 112 works well in the Czech Republic. For other non-emergency help, you simply call us.

It is unlikely to happen, you will get a map and GPS from us, also most of the hiking trails are marked and easy to follow. In case it happens anyway, you just call us, we are locals and know the area well, so and we will help you.

Every season has its beauty, you can hike throughout the year in Czechia. There is a lot of romantic to see a Krivoklat castle emerge from a fog during winter morning. Come and see for yourself.

Of course you can cancel your trip anytime. We trust your courtesy to let us know as soon as possible.

Please let us know, we will be happy to have a chat with you.


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Please feel free to contact us to arrange, or change your Tour, or with any question, or concern you may have. We will be happy to hear from You!

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